Beginning of School Update from Board Chair

10 months ago



Dear Friend of West End School,


This month the West End School will begin its 16th academic school year of providing outstanding educational opportunities and support for our students.   We are very excited about continuing our mission to provide a safe and structured environment in which academic rigor, character development, and responsible action establish the foundation for a purposeful life.  As a supporter of WES, you have played an instrumental part in allowing us to continue this work.  Thank you! 


We are confident that as our students and families embrace the WES experience, the blessings of life will be more abundant.  Of all our young men who have graduated from WES middle school, 97% have continued to graduate from high school.   Nineteen WES alumni have either graduated or are on track to graduate from a college or university.  Another 19 alumni are gainfully employed in various career fields and three are currently serving in the United States military!  Truly our school is highly successful in partnering with parents to lay the foundation for developing future leaders and outstanding members of our community.


Our wonderful faculty and staff strive for continuous improvement to enrich the learning experience and to enhance educational outcomes.  We are starting this school year a month early to assess and address any regression students may have experienced during the pandemic.  We are recruiting retired educators to volunteer their time to assist our students. We are partnering with more corporations, organizations, churches, and foundations to provide additional resources in support of our school community.  As we navigate this new era, our gratitude to friends like you cannot be overstated. 


The West End School is a wonderful community asset which offers life-changing experiences for our students.  We are a mission-driven organization determined to serve more students in the years to come and determined to prove worthy of all the community support we have been blessed to receive.  We remain grateful for all the support you have given in the past and I invite you to join me in making a new gift to our school to invest in this next chapter. As you will continue to see, your gift will be used to strengthen the opportunities for our young men and their families of the West End School.



Daniel Hall

Board Chair of West End School