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With a partnership from The J.B Speed School of Engineering, donations of materials and supplies created “The Speed School Maker Space” within the West End School; a collaboration with the WES science department and Speed School will cultivate and develop blueprints and outline space for students to immerse in Engineering ideals and activities.


The Darrell Griffith Athletic Center (DGAC) opened at West End School in the fall of 2014 replacing the parking lot, where the students practiced the first eight years of the school. The new gymnasium was dedicated to Darrell Griffith who was a student in the building which is currently West End School, grew up within blocks of the school, and he is a longstanding board member of West End School. He was also a part of the University of Louisville 1980 National Championship Team and a NBA Rookie of the Year. The DGAC hosts all home games for the West End School Soaring Eagles free of charge to the community.


We are very grateful to the Barnett family for providing the Gillian Barnett Theatre, named for Mrs. Barney Barnett. The theater offers our students a venue for plays, concerts, and many other school activities.

Outdoor Spaces

West End School has been blessed with outdoor spaces, allowing our students to be a part of nature while living in the city. A pollinator garden offers a respite for butterflies and other beautiful insects. Students can witness etymology in action! Located next to the garden is the amphitheater; a space that allows students to enjoy an outdoor class on nice Louisville days. During meals, students can take advantage of the patio space. Finally, we have a science boardwalk and environmental space; this space has brought a bit of nature for the students to explore.

Tour Our Campus

There are two ways you can schedule a tour of West End School. You may send an email to [email protected] with the word "tour" in the subject line. You may also call the office at 502.776.5236 and speak with the Office Manager to schedule a tour.

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Student Life

Lower School

Lower School friends

Life for a Lower School student at The West End School is filled with encounters that are both fun and inspiring on a daily basis. Morning Town Hall Meetings start our day off right with inspiring words and student celebrations. Each student feels welcome and energized to be their best version of themselves during the day.

In classrooms, students are met with a rigorous curriculum that meets their personal needs. Small class sizes seek to allow an intimate setting in which each student feels free to ask questions and learn while allowing our teachers to get to know each student beyond the curriculum. This also allows teachers the freedom to schedule off campus field trips, that are not only curriculum aligned, but also provides students with a better world view in which to grasp information that’s being taught daily.

Lower School West End student life is one free from the worries that plague many traditional educational institutions. Students know that everyday they are free to be themselves, be brave, and be willing to grow. Receiving physical, social, emotional, and academic nourishment are just a few of the promises we make in order to meet the basic needs of our students and make Lower School Student Life special.

High School Alumni Wing

Students who have graduated from West End School and attend local high schools have the option to continue boarding on campus. This allows students the opportunity to continue to receive some of the services the school provides while remaining on campus.

Middle School

In the middle school, students are met with a rigorous curriculum that meets their personal needs. Small class sizes seek to allow an intimate setting in which each student feels free to ask questions and learn while allowing our teachers to get to know each student beyond the curriculum.

West End School offers a boarding component for Middle School students, grades 6-8. Residents enjoy a safe and structured environment that allows them to focus on their studies and thrive in a community. From Sunday evenings through Friday afternoons, West End residents live in the West End Dormitory, where qualified Dorm Parents supervise and care of the young men.


6:30 a.m.

Wake-up routine & breakfast



Social Time



Board Games, Speakers, Competitions, Field Trips

These activities continue to grow the strong friendships and bonds amongst the young men, as well as develop crucial social skills. While the dorm can house up to 45 students, the young men are divided into Houses, offering more personal interaction with the Dorm Parents. Fostering a vital work ethic, chores are completed by each resident. Homework time is a critical part of the evening, where students complete assignments and study for exams, as well as have the opportunity to be tutored by volunteers and staff.

The night wraps-up with showers and reading. As lights are turned out at 9:30 p.m., the last thing the residents hear is a loving goodnight from the Dorm Parents.

Bedtime routine

  • Shower

  • Reading

  • Lights Out


The mission of the Athletic Department at The West End School is to aid in the academic, emotional, and physical development of our students through the promotion of teamwork, sportsmanship and athletic competition. The athletic program at The West End School is believed to be a valuable asset to the total education processÍž therefore, the program operates within the same objectives and goals of the overall educational program. Research has shown that athletics at the elementary and middle school level help to foster team building skills, problem solving skills, self-discipline, and self-confidence. Through the development of these skills it is believed that our student athletes will become confident, contributing members of the school community.

Sports at West End

Physical Education

Instruction in the development and care of the body ranging from simple calisthenic exercises, and the performance and management of athletic games.



Middle School



Intermediate School

Middle School


  • Tennis

    Middle School

  • Track

    Middle School


Some of our students are offered music lessons under the direction of Mr. Keith Cook through the Kentucky Arts Reach Program. Our students have played at the Brown Theater, the Kentucky Center for the Arts, Grace at the Race, at numerous churches, and in our own theater. We were excited to have our very own Soarchestra for the 2018-2019 academic year!